Wellness begins with acceptance. Wellness is a journey...not a destination.
Wellness is a complete balance of mind, body and spirit, which completes
the individual.

Along your journey, rWellness will be here to serve you with understanding,
encouragement and support.
rWellnessAdvocate.com  is dedicated to pay forward a minimum of 10%.

rWellnessAdvocate.com pays forward in time, energy and resources to
areas of needs within the community and environment.
As your Wellness Advocate, rWellness strives to help you on your journey and
achieve your goals with confidence.

Bringing healing and balance to both the internal and external body is a key
factor in maintaining balance within our environment.

Healing and balance can occur in many ways. When healing and balance are
brought into our lives, we can find it empowering. Living balanced lives, we can
reflect who we are and who we are created by in such a way to bring peace and
enlightenment in what we do.
...is a journey`
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